Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Here is where we MUST compromise!

The stakes are far too high for us not to take this opportunity to compromise. The science is unassailable—humans are definitely causing climate change through the emissions of greenhouse gases into our atmosphere, which trap infrared heat as it is being reflected back towards to the sun. The question must now shift from “Should we do anything?” to “What should we do?” And here is where the compromise can occur. Republican lawmakers must acknowledge publicly that humans are causing climate change through greenhouse emissions, and Democratic lawmakers and activists must give up the desire to cut emissions through governmental regulations, or to keep any fees collected for additional governmental spending. The solution is simple—place a fee on carbon, collected where fossil fuels enter the economy, and return all revenues to American households each month. Studies predict that such a simple plan will radically reduce fossil fuel consumption—and hence greenhouse gas emissions—over the coming decades, staving off the worse effects of climate change. Called “a Conservative Climate Solution” by The New York Times, the market-based plan is championed by former cabinet member (Secretary of Treasury under Ronald Reagan, Secretary of State to George H.W. Bush) James A. Baker III, among others, who will meet with White House officials this week. The non-profit Citizens’ Climate Lobby (of which I am a member and for whom I volunteer) is the leading advocate for this proposal.


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  1. Yes! I hope and believe this could be a new era for creative solutions, if people are willing. Thanks for the helpful info.