Wednesday, April 26, 2017

EPA Comments: Keep posting and sharing!

Last week I wrote a piece about President Trump's Executive Order 13777 that requires all federal agencies to review regulations that may eliminate jobs, are outdated or ineffective, that impose costs that exceed benefits, or interfere with regulatory reform initiatives and policies. The real goal of the EO is to eliminate regulations, a nod to pro-business supporters. However, any elimination of existing environmental regulations will lead to deleterious consequences. Read my post of last week here:

I was appalled that, one week after EPA began taking public comments, only 3,000 had been received. Since that day, I have monitored the number of comments, and the trend is showing a nearly-exponential rate of response. See a simple graph I made below:

My take on this is that people are becoming aware of this situation and are responding, with their comments, and, perhaps more importantly, by sharing this via social media--hence the exponential rise in comments, I believe.

All of the comments I have seen have been pro-environment, pro-environmental regulation. Not one of the comments shown (I assume that these are displayed randomly, but perhaps that is not true) has been anti-regulation. Here is the first displayed comment from this morning (which also gives an idea for making your own post):

  • I do not agree with rolling back the regulations that helped clean up places like Lake Erie. Coal is also a dying job market that will not make a come back. There's even a coal plant that is going to be using solar energy to power itself! Cutting these regulations and funding will also create more unemployment due to EPA employees at the Federal, State and Local levels having their jobs cut. We need to embrace the future of clean energy and renewable energy like our allied and neighboring countries. Staying stuck in the past and trying to keep a dying industry alive will not help our worldwide standing. Please don't cut these programs, regulations, and budgets just because lobbyists want you to. We need to worry about what future generations will be living in. We need to look forward, not be stagnant.

Let's keep this going! Two simple actions:
  • Post this on all your social media outlets.
Many thanks,
Mike Hill
The Hillbilly Environmentalist

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